Morning Links

G Suite Admin

Formerly Google Apps for Business, now G Suite. Pretty economical.

S3 Console

Bulk cloud storage


News for Nerds, it has been going downhill for quiet a while

The Register

Home of BOFH, pretty laid back tech news

Something Positive


Law Dog Files

LawDog's posts a bit more infrequently these days, but has numerous insightful posts regarding food, law enforcement and whatnot. Personally, I'm most fond of his Africa stories.

Tamara K

The power of the snark is strong in this one.

Peter Grant

Very prolific blog poster. A great source of aviation commentary. Peter is a retired priest, I wasn't previously aware of how strong the snark was in the priesthood.


Ada Fruit

Good electronic kits and components


More kits and components

NASA Soldering Videos

Videos on how to solder