Misc 3D Models

All models are Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA) unless otherwise specified. Basically, feel free to download and edit to taste. Share, upload or whatever floats your boat. Just no selling and give credit.

MicroSD Holder - Download

11 slot container. Dimensions length 40mm x width 21mm x height 22mm, uses about 16.33g of PLA, takes 1.5 hours.

Official standard dimensions for MicroSD cards are: 15mm × 11mm × 1 mm (0.591×0.433×0.039 in)

Needed a way of holding a large number of MicroSD cards with easy access. Normally I use a White Sharpie to number the SD cards and put it in a spreadsheet. Not very elegant, but it works. Tried a screw together method, that didn't work well without a significant amount of hand tooling.